Canon Pixma TS3400

The fundamental printing configuration for the Canon Pixma TS3400  printer is discussed throughout this part. Utilize the Cannon TS3400 photocopy configuration window throughout the Canon Pixma TS3400 Series software to modify device setup. To pick among the default options, pick the Rapid Configuration button then pick the often utilized options. The complete configuration changes automatically towards the predetermined value if you’re using a specific parameter.

Canon Printer Manual Driver Download

For Window

The software is used as a mediator between both the Canon printer as well as the computer. For downloading the Cano Pixma TS3400 driver for Operating System, read the directions under.

  • Attach an electricity supply to the computer
  • The CD-ROM software package is downloaded immediately.
  • You may also get the Canon Pixma TS3400 driver on the web.
  • Throughout the pc, launch the internet browser.
  • Throughout the searching field, enter the device number.
  • Navigate to the website’s software and Downloading area.
  • Through the downloading option, choose the Operating System and variant.
  • Users download the program currently.

WiFi Fax Configuration for Canon Pixma TS3400

  • Determine whether the canon printer is linked and feed the sheet inside the print head.
  • Press the fax icon concerning the Canon TS3400 printer configuration stage and afterward the feature choice. Utilize keys to adjust the receiving type.
  • Choose Preferences by clicking on the navigation icon.
  • To configure the device, press OKAY.
  • Locate LAN setup then Press OKAY.
  • Find and pick available WLAN.
  • Pick Wlan Set – up and choose Canon TS3400 WiFi Fax configuration for the WPS Settings.
  • Tap on the technique of the push icon.
  • If the entry points are prepared, hit Okay on the computer and click WPS for a couple of minutes onto the entry points.

WLAN Configuration of Canon Pixma TS3400

  • Switch on the Canon Pixma TS3400 printer and the computer.
  • Raise the lid next to the machine from the socket.
  • For  WLAN configuration method connects both the Canon TS3400 printer & the modem through the Ethernet cord.
  • To locate Setting, press the Menu icon.
  • And after that choose the Device configurations.
  • Select Lan configuration then look for Modify wifi or wired.
  • Click WLAN activated.
  • Provide the data you need inside the popup shown.
  • Determine whether the procedure is finished by printing.

How To Discover WPS Key On Canon Pixma TS3400

  • Plug the printer’s cord into the power socket and turn it on.
  • Into the sheet container, insert an A4 size sheet.
  • Visit the Monitoring Panel of the Printer.
  • Go to the Menu of settings.
  • Pick Utilities and pick Setup screen photocopy.
  • Press OKAY. Read much more regarding the wi-fi Canon TS3400 installation method to our specialists.
  • The setup screen would now be copied.
  • In addition to various data, the WPS key will indeed be photocopied on the Device Config file.

Wi-Fi Configuration for Canon Pixma TS3400

  • Plug the Canon Pixma TS3400 printer into the electrical supply.
  • Pick the options then click the preferences.
  • Click the settings of your device.
  • To configured the Canon TS3400 Wlan procedure, hit OKAY to activate the LAN configuration.
  • Locate Modify wifi or wired and then tap on it.
  • Throughout the Canon TS3400 printer wifi configuration procedures, choose WLAN.
  • Browse and select the WPS settings.
  • You need to pick the push-button technique.
  • Whenever the accessing gateway is finished, click OKAY onto the printer.
  • Press the WPS icon to finish the procedure.

CD-Free Wireless Configuration for Canon Pixma TS3400 Printer

  • Pick the Servicing key on the keyboard till the symbol is presented onto the device display.
  • Afterward, press the Color icon.
  • The CD-Free WLAN feature of the Canon Pixma wifi configuration phase is initiated.
  • Get the Canon Pixma TS3400 driver with the search engine on your pc.
  • Check if the Xerox TS3400 driver is suitable for your PC OS.
  • Install the Canon TS3400 driver after downloading it.
  • Reboot the computer.
  • Attempt printing after the wifi installation phase of the Canon TS3400 printer is completed.

Canon TS3400 Printer Paper Jam Error

Unplug the cable from the Canon TS3400 printer.

Lift the scanner covering or unit to see whether there are any sheet blockages underneath the holding.

Drag the printer header towards the further left as well as to the further right, whether there are stuck papers.

Keep the stuck papers by using the hands together and afterward, pull the stuck paper gently.

Make sure that almost all the stuck sheets are removed and afterward reduce the monitoring component or lid. Restore printing and afterward verify if the problem is solved.

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