Canon Pixma TS3100

How to Put Canon TS3100 ink Cartridge

Complete the instructions underneath to learn what you can do with the Canon TS3100 printer.

  • Electrical Supply for connecting the Canon printer with the computer.
  • Lift the Canon TS3100 ink lid.
  • Allow the printed head clamp to approach the substitute location.
  • While inserting a fresh canister, certain steps are required.
  • Take off the fresh canister’s orange adhesive and safety coating.
  • Keep the fresh canister with an orange top.
  • Put the canister in the Canon TS3100 slowly throughout the hole.
  • Click and watch until there are light shows.

Canon TS3100 Printer Driver Download

For Mac

The Canon printer driver serves as a middleman for both the Canon printer as well as the pc. For downloading the Canon Pixma TS3100 driver for MAC, read the directions provided.

  • The computer should be linked towards the supply of energy.
  • For downloading the software directly, employ the CD Disc.
  • You may also get the Printer driver package through the web.
  • Enter the device version inside the searching box.
  • Navigate to the website’s software and Downloading area.
  • choose the Operating System and variant through the menu.
  • The downloading of the Canon Pixma TS3100 MAC driver has been done.

For Window

The software is used as a mediator between both the Canon printer as well as the computer. For downloading the Cano Pixma TS3100 driver for Operating System, read the directions under.

  • Attach an electricity supply to the computer
  • The CD-ROM software package is downloaded immediately.
  • You may also get the Canon Pixma TS3100 driver on the web.
  • Throughout the pc, launch the internet browser.
  • Throughout the searching field, enter the device number.
  • Navigate to the website’s software and Downloading area.
  • Through the downloading option, choose the Operating System and variant.
  • Users download the program currently.

Installing steps for Canon Pixma Printer Driver

For Window

  • After downloading the Canon driver package through the web, unzip it via the download location.
  • Choose the package, click twice on it than execute the file as an administrative whether the os is Window.
  • Insert the necessary information. To accept the Rules and Regulations, hit the verification box.
  • Users must wait once users installing the Canon Pixma software then press completely.
  • Verify if there are improvements. Start the downloading.
  • The item is detected when the Disc is placed when CD Disc is employing for installing.
  • Give authorization and begin to install. The connectivity type must be selected.
  • Users have to wait until users installing the Canon Printer driver and afterward press it to complete.

For Mac

  • Once the Canon Series software is downloaded over the web, just go downloads.
  • If you’re using MAC, open the files and insert the necessary information.
  • Choose the checkbox I accept and press OKAY for the rules and regulations.
  • Watch until the Canon Series driver is installed and afterward press Finish.
  • For activation, the CD Disc could also be utilized.
  • Put the CD Disc onto the slot of the CD.
  • Authorize the installing procedure to commence.
  • Wait until installing the Canon Pixma TS312 driver for the Canon TS3100 printer is finished and choose it.

WiFi Fax Configuration for Canon Pixma TS3100

  • Determine whether the canon printer is linked and feed the sheet inside the print head.
  • Press the fax icon concerning the Canon TS3100 printer configuration stage and afterward the feature choice. Utilize keys to adjust the receiving type.
  • Choose Preferences by clicking on the navigation icon.
  • To configure the device, press OKAY.
  • Locate LAN setup then Press OKAY.
  • Find and pick available WLAN.
  • Pick Wlan Set – up and choose Canon TS3100 WiFi Fax configuration for the WPS Settings.
  • Tap on the technique of the push icon.
  • If the entry points are prepared, hit Okay on the computer and click WPS for a couple of minutes onto the entry points.

Wi-Fi Configuration for Canon Pixma TS3100

  • Plug the Canon Pixma TS3100 printer into the electrical supply.
  • Pick the options then click the preferences.
  • Click the settings of your device.
  • To configured the Canon TS3100 Wlan procedure, hit OKAY to activate the LAN configuration.
  • Locate Modify wifi or wired and then tap on it.
  • Throughout the Canon TS3100 printer wifi configuration procedures, choose WLAN.
  • Browse and select the WPS settings.
  • You need to pick the push-button technique.
  • Whenever the accessing gateway is finished, click OKAY onto the printer.
  • Press the WPS icon to finish the procedure.
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